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Tired of hearing the same rotation of folks say the same things? On The Riot Diaries, we’re living in our Truth, our whole Truth, and nothing but our Truth. We’ve got answers, questions, and good times to share. The topic? Who knows! We’re talkin’ blerds, spirituality, food, government, you name it. If a Black woman lives it, we’ll talk about it! Join MeLyn for a moderately modern take on today’s most and least discussed happenings.

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Season 1 - The Creative's Condition

Episode 1 - When My Voice Called

Nov 19, 2021 - 37:24

I haven't liked the sound of my voice for as long as I can remember. The timbre put me in a state of unease, never fully feeling like a call that embraced me. Which would be enough of a problem to deal with, if I didn't also have so much to say. What do you do when you believe in the sanctity of Words, but scowl in distaste at the Voice that carries them? Welcome to The Riot Diaries folks, where nothing makes sense until it does! 

In the premiere episode, MeLyn discusses her relationship with her own voice, and the journey she's embarking on to overcome her past selves fears. If you've ever found yourself in a place of self-doubt, this episode is for you. Healing requires acknowledging the wound, and nobody ever got anywhere by doing nothing. Tune in for some marginally related stories on denying the influence of irrational memories that might flicker a lightbulb moment or two for ya. It's quite refreshing, what you'll hear when my voice calls.


Episode 2 - The Performer's Plight


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Episode 3 - Who Am I To Dream?


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Episode 4 - Money for Mediocrity w/ Special Guest


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Episode 5 - The Social Media Trap


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Episode 6 - Any Asexual Art?


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Episode 7 - The Influence of Anime w/ Special Guest


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