A Little Bit About Small Mercies


Lemme tell ya what this is gonna be. 

Imagination running wild.

Filters that only work occasionally.

Honesty. At all times. No matter how unusual it seems.

Laughter that cramps both sides with rounds of mild coughing fits.

Reflection on traumas closely accompanied by healing tears.



Chaos Precedes Balance on White Granite Background
Chaos Precedes Balance | Small Mercies Slogan


Our History


A young Black creative, Morgan-Me'Lyn releases her work under the name MeLyn. After attending the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts' Academic Studio and Musical Theater programs, she graduated from Stanford University with a B.A. with Creative Honors in African and African American Studies and Identity, Diversity, and Aesthetics. While at Stanford, she studied abroad at Oxford University for Creative Writing and the Stanford in New York and Florence Programs. Since traveling the world to analyze the relationships between Blackness and creative healing, MeLyn is finally ready to share the lessons she's learned.


Our Visions and Pursuits


I'm creating my dream reality, one work of art at a time. I've trained and studied in schools, programs, organizations, all to learn to be the best at, well, succeeding. But the "straight-laced, 9-5, do as you're told" success has never been appealing. Me and my ancestors are owed freedom, nothing less. So I'm taking it and making it my own.


Thanks for joining this community. We're here to be true to ourselves, no matter what anyone has to say about it. The chaos of change will always precede a balanced life.


Goin Up From Here,



Founder | Creative Director

Small Mercies Creative Productions


MeLyn Joyfully Points Both Hands to the Side with Left Foot Kicking Out

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