Creative Spheres

At Small Mercies, we believe creative works should healthily feed knowledge on any of 8 Spheres:

Well Being, Communication, Identifying, Emotions, Familial Affairs, Interpersonal Relationships, Sex, and Passions

What we know is that more than anything, knowledge imparted by creative means can overcome Time itself. The question is: What do we genuinely want to learn? For many of us, the answer is how to live safely, freely, equitably. And that shouldn’t be a bad thing. Or so freaking difficult. But it is because we have so much to learn. And unlearn for that matter.

We know that our aspirations defy world orders and generations of experiences, but we don’t have a desire to be confined by fear. Small Mercies is excited to lend a hand to others on this journey. As we build our capacity to partner with creators of kindred spirits, we hope you continue to engage with our independent projects. Our collection and collaborations will only continue to grow, and we’d hate for you to miss out.



Well Being - Eating Habits, Body, Sleep, Mind; Communication - Written, Nonverbal, Verbal, Physical Contact, Information Processing; Identifying - Gender Norms, Gender Presentation, Pronouns, Sexuality, Perspective; Emotions - Positive, Negative, Love, Fear, Trust; Familial Affairs - Parental Confidence, Immediate Family, Family Structures, Extended Family, Chosen Families; Interpersonal Relationships - Boundaries, Ethnicity, Friendship, Social Settings, Romantic Relationships; Sex - Sex, Biological Reproduction, Reproductive Health, Reproductive Justice, Uncomfortable Waters; Passions - Mediums, Projects, Media, Aesthetics, Dreams
Explore and improve your relationships with these Spheres by checking out our innovative Getting to Know You Workbook Series.