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Customizable Intention-Setting Resin Jewelry

Charming Intentions jewelry is your best intentions reminder. We provide the language, and your design does all the talking. By making the aspects of each piece customizable, we'll help you look good and centered. We believe it's important that all people, regardless of societal identity standards, have agency over their energy. Our circumstances differ, so the look of our intentions should too!
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Dash of  Laughter

Who else thinks a slump is for the birds? Hands? Energetic disconnects between the mind and body are not uncommon. But there's nothing like a Dash of Laughter to get that energy bubbling up and shifting around. Guaranteed to look good with a chuckle.

Deep Breath

Life doesn't always go according to plan. Neither do our emotions. When things like stress and anxiety build up overwhelmingly, take a Deep Breath. A slow inhale and exhale can be just the trick when you want to reset and replan.

Good Grief

Death is the only truth to accompany Life. As sure as it is, it doesn't get any easier to witness. Down here in New Orleans, we know well the pain and sorrow of Death, but our Ancestors also taught us the sanctity of the joys of Life. All things must have balance, so remember to embrace joy to maintain Good Grief.

Sea of Smiles

No one believes in themselves all the time. There are times when folks have a hard time keepin afloat in their self-doubts and memories. But what if you flooded your mind's eye with a Sea of Smiles? Isn't it better to visualize your support than your demise?

Slow Ya Roll

Sometimes, folks actually think iss ok to step to you. And frankly, that's fine. But remember that your energy is yours. You can clapback or step back. Slow Ya Roll is for those times when you need a little assistance picking between the two.